Family History

All of us who know Rich and I know that he is the quiet one and I am the noisy one. Never underestimate this man! His granfather was born in Trieste and worked for the family shipping company, Terrebocchia. He prepared a thimb drive of pictures and documents and emailed the company before we arrived. He heard nothing back, but got the address and walked in the front door. The secretary began to speak to him in Italian, and he asked if she spoke Englsih. When she said yess, he introduced himself. She said “You are the fellow who went the email”! She then called the president and the chairman and told them Rich was there. He told them that he was Dominik Terribochia’s grandson, and that he was just trying to find out more about his family. They talked for about 30 minutes and he gave them the thumb drive with all the pictures, documents and postcards. They were very nice and both spoke good English. I was sitting on a bench in the shade outside a museum, as he walked and it was too far for me.

We are about fished out on the food side. This is a major port and everything is seafood. WE have been having local wine, some of it good and some not so Last night was just pizza as we had such a lovely lunch. Should you ever get to Trieste, you must go to the Ristorante Elephante. Fresh, home made and great service. Even treated us to a liquer after lunch.